Busting The Myths Of Profitability And Timesheets With Reginald Tomas Lee

Season #1

🗣️ Are you using timesheets? ⌚

🗣️ Do you try and work out profitability by client?

In this episode I have someone who is going to blow your MIND 🤯 with everything you’ve ever thought true about timesheets and measuring profitability

My guest is Reginald Tomas Lee - a professor, TEDx speaker, author and consultant helping organisations make better business decisions through banishing myths around cost accounting and profitability.

He has written several books including one called Lies, Damned lies and Cost Accounting which was a real eye opener for me 👀

Be prepared to have everything you knew about cost accounting, measuring profitability and using timesheets to be completely shattered!

This is going to be a cracking podcast which will get you certainly get you thinking about how you are currently using information to manage your business

You will learn:

✅ Why cost accounting is flawed - and what we ought to be looking at instead

✅ The problem with how we look at profitability - and how it’s actually losing us money

✅ The real numbers we need to be looking at to guide our business decisions

✅ What we need to be doing to drive efficiency