From $200K Timesheet Revenue to $2M Recurring Revenue with Harvee Pene

Season #1

If you’re looking to generate More Income, More Impact and More Inbound Opportunities you’ll want to hear the inspiring story of our next guest Harvee Pene.

He is an Australian Accountant, 2x TEDx Speaker and best-selling author of ‘The STANDOUT Accounting Firm’, ‘Accountants Be 1% Better’ and ‘GET LEADS: 6 steps to more leads, more fun and a more lucrative Accounting Firm.’

In this episode Harvee talked about how he bought a standard accountancy practice and transformed it into ‘Inspire - Life Changing Accountants’, twice recognised as one of the “Top 100 Companies in Australia”.

Although going from Standard to Standout resulted in a 10x increase in Revenue (for which he has a 9 step process) he says the highlights he’ll share are -

  • Making an extra $2,500 / week by going from giving away advice to giving guarantees.
  • Moving from $1,800 to $9,000 / client / year by becoming known for R.E.S.U.L.T.S instead of Red-Tape.
  • Giving 10 Million Days of access to Food, Water, Health and Sanitation to Families in need to help End Poverty by 2030.

“All because”, Harvee said in a recent conversation with me, “we went from being Accountants to Authors.”

Listen to this episode to find out more 

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