#91 The Value Iceberg - and pricing

Season #1

Studies show that ninety percent of an iceberg is below the waterline while ten percent of it remains above the waterline.

I liken an iceberg to the total value your prospects get from your services.

The ninety percent of the iceberg below is akin to the actual value your prospects would get from working with you while the ten percent is the perceived value they can see, feel, and believe they will get from working with you.

How much you can charge for your services is first tied to the perceived value (the tip of the iceberg) they can see and feel.

So if your prospects can’t perceive enough value from working with you, they won’t agree to be charged a higher price, but if they can see it, they will agree with the price.

Are you curious about the relationship between value and price?

Do you want to learn how pricing strategies can impact your prospect’s buying decisions?

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In this episode, we dive into the factors that determine the value of products and services, and how pricing captures a share of that value.


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