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Marelize Bott

“Reza’s mentoring has helped me to believe in myself and be confident that I have the knowledge and expertise to help my clients. I really appreciate his tips and advise and help to position myself correcting in the market.”

Jeffrey Lermer

“Reza is unusual … an accountant that both talks the talk… and walks the walk. I was privileged to be allowed to attend some of his online training on pricing one-off work… I even wrote a post about the training, it blew my socks off… so to speak. Legend… in the making…” 

Martin Horton

“Reza is very knowledgeable and generous with his resources. He’s walked the walk so can talk the talk and is always happy to help others learn from him and progress with their own business.”

The Journey To Success

Over the past decade, Reza has been on a journey, learning from top mentors and coaches in and outside the industry on the secret to building an accounting firm that thrives under any circumstances.

He started this journey as early as 2008 when he first acquired his firm and struggled endlessly to sustain its existence. He implemented everything he learned from these coaches and mentors and was eventually able to build systems and processes little to no one knew about at the time. Reza was able to take his firm from the traditional accounting firm (timesheets, hourly billing, team members all working 9-5 wearing suits and ties) into a forward thinking, cloud accounting firm.

As a result of all these significant changes, Reza has seen revenue grow three-fold to £885K and profits increase dramatically to 49%. He gets to work less than 15 hours a day in his firm now and spends the better part of his time with his family.

Now Reza uses his position and free time to give back to the profession that has served him so well all these years – to help other accountants like you finally live the life they want.

Benefits of having Reza coach you personally

1:1 Support With Your Challenges

You get Reza all to yourself. So feel free to pick his brain on any of the hard-pressing issues you might be battling with in your firm. Plus, if you feel like your firm is far ahead of your contemporaries to join them in a learning group (Reza’s Mastermind programme), then you can get Reza all to yourself where you can skip the small steps and just go advanced right away.

Monthly Accountability Calls

Reza becomes more than just a coach for you, he becomes your accountability partner. This means he doesn’t just give you the tools and know-hows of it. But he makes sure you implement them following the plan you two came up with together, hence allowing you to accelerate your growth even faster.

Personal Access By Phone and Email

You get the special privilege to access Reza by his personal line, not the office telephone… or the voice mail… or the junk mail. You get access directly to call him whenever you face a challenge while implementing.

On-demand Access To Reza’s Firm’s Private Templates and Checklists

Get your hands on the exact templates and checklists Reza uses in the day-to-day running of his firm and feel free to steal as much as you can for your own firm.

What’s the investment?

 Usually an hour of Reza’s time (for his personal consulting and advisory services) costs over £1,970. And with this programme, you’d be spending a lot more than just an hour with him – not to mention the private access to his cell phone. If Reza were to charge you based on that for this programme, you’d have to pay nothing less than £11,000.

But because Reza knows what it feels like to be a struggling firm owner, he has decided to keep this accessible to everyone, so that you won’t have any excuse not to transform your firm and your life.

So now you won’t be paying £11,000 but a mere fee of £1,495

Here’s a recap of all you get when you enrol for this programme




For practice owners or multi-Partner firms who want more dedicated 1-2-1 time to get to their goals faster 

✔ Everything in the Virtual Mastermind & Monthly Mentoring, PLUS

✔ 1 x 90 min monthly personalised coaching

✔ Personal Access by email for help throughout the month

✔ 1:1 Support with your challenges

✔ On demand access to our proposals, templates and firm's checklists

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1-2-1 Elite Support



For practice owners or multi-Partner firms who are looking to scale up and want to fast track their route to growth & higher profitability

✔ Everything in the 1-2-1 Support, Virtual Mastermind & Monthly Mentoring, PLUS

✔ Quarterly meet ups in person

✔ Personal access by phone and email

✔ 1 day visit to my office

✔ Full day visit to your offices

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