Your buyer's journey to working with you 🛣

If you're looking to grow your accounting firm, it's worth taking the time to understand the "buyer's journey" to understand our client's journey into making an inquiry to work with us.

And if you study marketing as I've done over the years, then the marketers will tell you that there is...

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How to run your firm on 15 hours a week 🤫

It's not something that happened overnight. On the long road to getting my practice to where I wanted it to be, I learned everything I could from my seniors, experts in the field, and various mentors I was lucky to have. Right now, I have over 100 clients, we have seven full-time fee earners and...

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Learn to say NO!

We've all been there... 

A colleague, friend, or family member asks you for a favour.

Your brain doesn't get a chance to even think about it before the words spill out - 

"Yeah, sure, okay!". 

WHY DID I JUST AGREE TO THAT?! - Your internal monologue screams! 

You're already...

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How to generate ideal client enquiries

So how do you get enquiries from your ideal clients? 

Is it by referral? 

Is it through social media? 

Or is it via your email list? 

Referrals are great but they aren't always predictable. 

So what you need is a marketing system that generates a predictable number of...

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Client's don't care about YOU 🙄

Clients don't care about you 

Harsh, but true 

They only care about what you can do for THEM 

How you can help them overcome their problems 

Or realise their dreams 

So don't start off a meeting talking about you, your firm, how many offices you have etc etc 


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The 2 types of accountants 🤓

There are two types of #accountants 

Which camp are you in? 

Are you the internal focused accountant or the client focused accountant?

When you're internally focused you:

charge based on time spent

believe your people are a commodity

let your clients take 100% of the risk of working...

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Stop trying to do everything!

It'll be quicker if I just did it myself...

It's gona take so long to explain this to her, I'll just get it done myself

No one can do it as well me so I'll just do it

Sound familiar? 

It's a common curse of the business owner! 

But it is also the reason why you end up working crazy...

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Don't make this BIG mistake when sending out proposals!

Don't make this BIG mistake! 

So you've had a great meeting with a potential client 

You get to the end and the prospect asks 'so, how much is that going to cost' 

You say... "uh, i'll send you a proposal to confirm"


That is the worst thing you can do at the end of your...

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Clients are not price sensitive

That's too expensive


You: my clients are so price sensitive 

No they're not!

Most people in society are not price sensitive 

They are VALUE sensitive

If your clients:

  1. buy their coffee from Starbucks
  2. have an iPhone
  3. drive a premium brand car

They CANNOT be price sensitive ...

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What happens when you can work when you want..🧐

So this is what happened when I said to my team they could work when, where and how they wanted (back in 2018)..

Contrary to popular opinion at the time..

they didn't stop coming to the office 

they didn't move to the Bahamas and work from a beach 

they didn't all start working from...

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