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A collection of testimonials and success stories from members of my mentoring & mastermind programmes.


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Bev Flangan- Mind Your Assets Accounting

Ellie Appleby- My Books Online


Fredrick- Sandgrav Solutions

Zak Muneer - Avizio Accountants & Tax Advisory


Tom Watson- Clear Group Accounts and Payroll

Ahmad Qayyum- Bluewater Accounts


Tej- Nijjer Accountants 

Arun Sachdev- Sachdev Chatered Accountants


Michele Bishop - Bishop Jones

Sarah Taylor - Tailored Accounting 


Sharon Broer-Argus Accounting

Sarah Jones- Moneypad Accountants


Sharon Wray- Sharon Wray Accountancy Services 

Zak Muneer - Avizio Accountants & Tax Advisory


Buhir Rafiq - Total Books

"His video series on pricing has enabled me to up my prices by between 30% and 200%!"

Read Buhir's story

Dipak Dharmecha - DD Chartered Accountants

"We've gone from zero to £8,000 in less than six months and I've won my biggest ever fee having gone on a journey with the Reza how to price stuff" 

Read Dipak's story


Donald Inglis - Inglis Chartered Accountants

"I've never had a roadmap or business plan, never had quite a direction or point of travel that I have now. And I am genuinely excited about that."

Read Donald's story

Michele Bishop - Bishop Jones

"From a personal perspective what I find really superior with this program compared with any other that I've seen is that one-to-one interaction."

Read Michele's story


Shafiq Khan-SK Business Solutions  

"it was just incredible because the price that I eventually got from the client was three times what I probably would have previously charged

Read Shafiq's story

Aaron Mcleish-Together We Count   

"The client's actually accepted a monthly fee of £750 per month and that's been ongoing for a year now and it's all virtual.

Read Aaron's story


Beverley Flanagan-Mind Your Assets Accounts

"our fee from that particular client increased from £260 a month to just under £800. And they were really, really happy with it. And obviously, so are we!"

Read Bev's story

Rezaul Hoque - Smiles Better Accountancy 

" helped me to take myself out of my comfort zone and and do things which I've been thinking about doing for a long time but I never really trusted myself to do it... abecause I didn't trust myself, and b) because I didn't have the confidence"

Read Rezaul's story


Elyse Burns-Hill - SGW Accountancy Services Ltd

 "to help fill those gaps and support me while I was learning how to do all these new skills, like leading a team, and all the fun stuff that comes with running a firm. "

Read Elyse's story

Sharon Broer-Argus Accounting

 "So it's all brilliant. And there's so many positives, but the resources I think is one really big one because it saves you reinventing the wheel. And it's resources that you may not even know you needed. "

Read Sharon's story


Sharon Wray- Sharon Wray Accountancy Services 

"I'm just so much more calmer. I've got my weekends back. My family loves that. I get to see my family. I don't work. I literally close the door at five o'clock. I'm working on my business more than in, actually in my business."

Read Sharon's story

Bev Flangan- Mind Your Assets Accounts 

"I had it in me mind that it were gonna be about £3000-£4000. I don't know where that came from. I just thought it would be about that much. Once I sat down and did the nine steps, it actually came out to just over £11,000!."

Read Bev's story


Sarah Jones- Moneypad Accountants

"I also get to ask the other accountants in the group what they’re doing and we share ideas and we support each other."

Read Sarah's story

See what my clients have to say about me 



Beverley Flanagan-Mind Your Assets Accounts


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