Success Page

A collection of testimonials and success stories from members of my mentoring & mastermind programmes.

Buhir Rafiq - Total Books

"His video series on pricing has enabled me to up my prices by between 30% and 200%!"

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Dipak Dharmecha - DD Chartered Accountants

"We've gone from zero to £8,000 in less than six months and I've won my biggest ever fee having gone on a journey with the Reza how to price stuff" 

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Donald Inglis - Inglis Chartered Accountants

"I've never had a roadmap or business plan, never had quite a direction or point of travel that I have now. And I am genuinely excited about that."

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Michele Bishop - Bishop Jones

"From a personal perspective what I find really superior with this program compared with any other that I've seen is that one-to-one interaction."

Read Michele's story

Shafiq Khan-SK Business Solutions  

"it was just incredible because the price that I eventually got from the client was three times what I probably would have previously charged

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Aaron Mcleish-Together We Count   

"The client's actually accepted a monthly fee of £750 per month and that's been ongoing for a year now and it's all virtual.

Read Aaron's story

Beverley Flanagan-Mind Your Assets Accounts

"our fee from that particular client increased from £260 a month to just under £800. And they were really, really happy with it. And obviously, so are we!"

Read Bev's story

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