The Profitable Accountants Mastermind

Giving small firms the support, direction and accountability you need to achieve your goals


Do you need clearer direction?

For somebody to tell you where to spend your time and what to focus on to move forwards?

Do you want a sounding board?

For somebody to listen to your ideas and give you feedback and perspective on them?

Almost feel like you're alone?

Wishing you had a support network or somebody there to hold you accountable?

Back in 2008 I bought into a small firm, Walji & Co. In the years since I have worked hard to transform my firm from one that was very traditional (timesheets, hourly billing, team members all working 9-5 wearing suits and ties) into a forward thinking, cloud accounting firm.

As a result of these changes, we’ve seen revenue grow three-fold to £885K and profits increase dramatically to 49%. I’m also in a position where I have the time to give back to the profession that has served me so well, but more on that below...

Making these changes wasn’t all. 

In fact over the last 11 years I made every mistake in the book. Some more than once. I learnt how to do these things the hard way, investing lots of time and money into trying things, only to find out they didn’t work how I expected them to (or even at all). This meant I went back to the drawing board time and time again. 

I’ll be the first to admit that during this time, I felt lonely. Like I had nobody else to give me direction, or to give me feedback and perspective on my ideas, or to hold me accountable to actually making things happen when they needed to happen. 

But then something changed for me…

I made the decision to start working with coaches and mentors to help me make progress quicker. At first I thought that I didn’t need to. I resisted the idea. I thought I could do it all myself. But once I started working with these coaches and mentors it opened my mind to a new way of working.

I no longer felt lonely. I was given clear direction based on other peoples expertise and experience. I was told where to focus my time and, more importantly, where not to focus my time. I got feedback on my ideas so the bad ones got dropped and the good ones got implemented twice as fast. I had accountability for the first time in a long time. Somebody to make sure that I actually did what I said I was going to do. 

It was through this process that I noticed the biggest difference to my accounting firm. This is where the biggest changes and transformations happened.

And it’s because of this that I want to give back to the profession. Without the help of mentors and coaches I wouldn’t be where I am today, so this is my way of giving back. This is why I set up the The Profitable Accountants Mastermind.

What it’s like to be part of an inner circle coaching group

What is it?

I set up The Profitable Accountants Mastermind Programme to help give other small firm owners the support, direction and accountability that they need. To help you no longer feel lonely and to be part of a support network that is there for your success. It’s an online programme consisting of group coaching calls, 1:1 mentoring calls and a private Whatsapp Group all designed to help you achieve your goals. More on each of these calls further down.

Who is it for?

The Profitable Accountants Mastermind Programme is for small firm owners who feel isolated and want a sounding board and support network to tap into. It’s for people who want to achieve more, quicker, and people who understand the benefits of working with a coach and being part of a mastermind community.

Who is it NOT for?

This programme is not for everyone. Unless you have been in practice for at least 2 years, have at least 2 employees and you are turning over a minimum of £100K per year, then this programme will not be for you. I know from my own experience that when you are at this stage your focus should be on stabilising your client base and bringing in those first few team members.

The 4 Pillars Of A Successful Accounting Firm

The programme is built around my ‘4 pillars of a successful accounting firm’ model. This is the model I created based on my own journey over the last 11 years running my own small firm.


Learn how to optimise and increase your pricing so that you charge what you’re worth confidently and consistently. This is where we start. It unlocks additional profit that we can use for the next 3 foundations.


Increase your efficiency (and unlock even more profit) by implementing the right technology and processes. Become more ‘hands-off’ as your people and processes start to do some of the heavy lifting for you.


Discover how to build a highly motivated, high performance team. Make recruiting them and retaining them easy. Implement a work environment that  gives them freedom and autonomy.


Identify who your ideal clients are and learn how to find them and convert them. Establish yourself as a credible authority in your market in order to create a consistent pipeline of new prospects.

Throughout The Profitable Accountants Mastermind Programme these are things that we will focus on together. Depending on your goals, and where you are right now, will determine the order in which we focus on them.

How does it work?

The Profitable Accountants Mastermind Programme is broken down into 4 core components:

Initial goal planning session

When you first join the programme in our first 1:1 we’ll spend some time identifying your key priorities and focus areas so that you spend your time on the right things that will make the biggest difference. We make sure that these are aligned to your long term personal goals.

Monthly group coaching session

Once a month we’ll have a group coaching session for all of the members (capped at 12 people). This is your opportunity to learn from others experiences, tap into your support network, get some accountability from myself and other members as well as some honest feedback on your ideas.

Monthly 1:1 call with me

Once a month, you'll be able to schedule a 1:1 call with me. This is an opportunity to tap into my experience, but also to troubleshoot any challenges that you’re facing and look for creative solutions for them. I’ll also be holding you accountable to the plan that we initially created together.  These are for 35 mins max.

Private Whatsapp Group

This is your opportunity to collaborate with the other members of the programme, get additional feedback and support and ask questions. This group will be capped at 12 people as well so that you can form strong relationships with the people in your group.

PLUS...You'll also get...

Access to my monthly mentoring programme

This is normally priced at £275 + VAT per month or $375. It includes one monthly mentoring session where I do a deep dive on a particular subject, sharing key ideas, knowledge and tools. Previous sessions include how to price advisory services, how to implement a results only work environment and how to get marketing right in your firm.

Access to the monthly mentoring resources

With all of my mentoring sessions I create a number of resources to help you with implementation. These include checklists, tools, tip sheets, brochures, step by step guides - everything you need to take the knowledge and make it happen.

"I've been following Reza's mentoring sessions for some time and I've found them excellent. He generously shares his perceptive and practical advice on how accountants in practice can differentiate themselves by pricing more cleverly, attracting and retaining talent, giving 5-star service and delivering more value to clients."

Andrew Rhodes FCA CTA
Sobell Rhodes

What's the investment?

Over the years I’ve paid thousands of pounds to different mentors and coaches to learn what I know. I’ve probably lost several more thousand by making mistakes along the way - hiring the wrong people, using the wrong technology, paying for marketing that doesn’t work. To join, the cost is just £775/$995 per month. You can apply for a place by clicking APPLY NOW below.

1-2-1 Elite Support



For practice owners or multi-Partner firms who are looking to scale up and want to fast track their route to growth & higher profitability

✔ Everything in the 1-2-1 Support, PAC Mastermind & PAC Community, PLUS

✔ Quarterly meet ups in person

✔ Personal access by phone and email

✔ 1 day visit to my office

✔ Full day visit to your offices





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1-2-1 Mentoring



For practice owners or multi-Partner firms who want more dedicated 1-2-1 time to get to their goals faster 

✔ Everything in the PAC Mastermind & PAC Community, PLUS

✔ 1 x 90 min monthly personalised coaching

✔ Personal Access by email for help throughout the month

✔ 1:1 Support with your challenges

✔ On demand access to our proposals, templates and firm's checklists




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The Profitable Accountants Mastermind



For practice owners with more than £150k turnover & 2 employees who need support, direction & accountability to achieve their goals 

✔ Everything in the monthly
mentoring programme, PLUS

✔ 1 x initial 1:1 goal planning session

✔ 1 x 90 mins monthly group
coaching call

✔ 1  monthly 1:1
session to hold you accountable

✔ Access to a private
Whatsapp Group

✔ Online training videos and resources

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The Profitable Accountants Community



For practice owners who want to know what works and be part of a community of accountants building more profitable, successful and impactful accounting firms 

✔ 1 x 90 min monthly group mentoring session

✔ Mentoring resources including templates, checklists, tools and done-for-you guides

✔ Private WhatsApp group for questions between sessions

✔ Lunch ‘n’ learn weekly sessions (zoom call style), once a month with me and the other weeks with fellow members. 

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"I wish I had started with someone like Reza"

Buhir Rafiq- Total Books Accountancy

"His video series on pricing has enabled me to up my prices by between 30% and 200%!"

Read Buhir's story

Dipak Dharmecha - DD Chartered Accountant 

"We've gone from zero to £8,000 in less than six months and I've won my biggest ever fee having gone on a journey with the Reza how to price stuff" 

Read Dipak's story

Shafiq Khan- SK Business Solutions  

"it was just incredible because the price that I eventually got from the client was three times what I probably would have previously charged

Read Shafiq's story

If you'd like to see whether the Mastermind group could help build a more successful, profitable and impactful accounting firm then click here to book a call with me and let's talk

Wishing you all the best on your journey!

Reza Hooda

P.S. Still reading here?

Ok, so you could try to do this all by yourself, which is the route I tried to take and whilst I made progress, it wasn’t without mistakes and failures. Or, you can make the decision to get the direction, support and accountability that you need. 

To summarise, you will receive:

  • An initial planning session where we set your goals and focus areas based on what you want to achieve in your life and business
  • Monthly group coaching calls where you can ask questions, share knowledge and be held accountable to implementing
  • Monthly 1:1 calls with me where you can tap into my experience, re-align yourself to your goals and use me as a sounding board for your ideas
  • Private Whatsapp Group where you can get additional support, feedback and accountability from the rest of the group
  • Access to my £275 + VAT/ $375 per month mentoring programme with monthly mentoring sessions where I deep dive on hot-topics + share resources to help you implement

There is no fixed monthly agreement, you can cancel any time.

Secure your place for just £775/$995

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed term monthly contract so you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. And there is also a full 30-day money back guarantee.

The group coaching sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 12pm or 3pm GMT and run for 90 minutes. The mentoring sessions take place on Thursdays at 330pm GMT and run for 90 minutes.
The 1:1 sessions can be booked in with me at a time that suits you.

In the weeks where there is a call, you will need at least 60-90 minutes for those. Not every week has a call. When it comes to implementation, I would recommend at least 3-5 hours a week to focus on implementing this. The more time you have, the quicker you’ll move forwards.

There is no fixed length. You can start and finish at any time. I recommend that people stay with the programme for a minimum of 12 months to start to see the benefits from it.

Whilst I’m fortunate enough to have the time to do this, I still run my accounting firm and work with clients on a day to day basis. Being able to offer 1:1 monthly calls as well as have the time to prepare for the other coaching calls and mentoring sessions for more than 12 people simply isn’t feasible for me.  I also want to keep the group intimate so that we all build strong relationships.

My mentoring programme costs £275 + VAT/ $375 per month and is included for free in this programme. That involves just 1x90 minute group mentoring session a month where we deep dive on a particular subject. There is no goal setting, support or accountability, which this programme gives you.

No. The programme is 100% virtual. You can join in with the calls from any location providing you have a computer, tablet or smart phone and an internet connection.


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