"We've gone from zero to £8,000 in less than six months and I've won my biggest ever fee having gone on a journey with Reza how to price stuff"

This is one of the many wins that Dipak has got after joining Reza's mastermind programme. 


What was life like before joining the Virtual Mastermind programme?

So, the practice that I've been running is coming up to nine years now. But I didn't really have any sort of support network. Just did things the way things were done at my old practice (where I used to work).

Having reached out and joined Reza's Group and seen the videos that you're putting out on LinkedIn made me realize that the practice could be run a lot better.

How have things changed since joining the programme?

There has been massive improvement, because there's been a lot of improvement in a short amount of time. What,prompted me to join was basically I was just doing everything the traditional way whilst the technology methods have changed.

So, I just needed a helping hand in trying to get into a modern era of the how accountants should be working.

I'd say that i've improved the firm just working within the group. I've got a very good support network. So, everyone on the group has been very very helpful as has Reza. Whenever there is a question or any sort of issues, it's been nice knowing that you're not the only one going through this - having been a lone sole practitioner, there's been no support.

Having worked within the group, it's really built up my confidence. So, using new software, has helped pricing. Pricing is a lot higher than I normally would do. I had tried previously (unsuccessfully). The reason being is Reza and the group have actually showed me that there is value in what we do. We just undervalue it so therefore we need to be charging more to be compensated for what we're doing.

Also using technology. So (after) Reza's suggestion, I've started using Loom which has cut down hour-long meetings into 15-minute meetings.

In addition, we never had any direct debit set up before. Working with Reza, we've gone from zero to £8,000 in less than six months and I've won my biggest ever fee having gone on a journey with the Reza how to price stuff and how to price your services and breaking them down and showing value in them.

The technical aspects have been very great as well because when I needed some technical help I had access to a member of his team which has been helpful.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining?

Overall I'm just a lot more confident as an accountant having been on the program. I'd definitely say it's worth it. If you're willing to put in the work, you'll make your money back and some! So, if it's a decision based on cost benefit analysis, I'd say you'd make your money back and some. It gives you focus, it's giving you peer to peer support - and you're seeing what a million pound firm may look like. And your obviously seeing how you can get there a lot faster.

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Wishing you all the best on your journey!

Reza Hooda