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Does This Sound Familiar?

Dear Practice Owner,

If right now, in your firm…
  • You’re struggling to manage workload and stay productive
  • You don’t know how to raise your fees to get paid what you deserve
  • You find it difficult to attract your ideal clients or any client for that matter
  • You don’t like the amount you’re getting paid by your current client but don’t know how to charge more without them leaving you
  • You’re having a difficult time finding the right talent to hire or keeping your talented staff in your firm

The Profitable Accountants Community is just what you need.

What is it about?

The Profitable Accountants Community is your go-to hub for all of the knowledge, tools and resources you need to build a practice that gives you the life of your dreams. In the community, we meet up online once a month for 90 minutes where we’ll do a deep dive training on a particular topic. Previous sessions have included, “How to price and deliver advisory services?” and “How to generate clients using online marketing.” I only ever share what I’ve personally used in my own firm. And each session comes complete with resources and tools to help you implement what you’ve learnt.

Who is it for?

This community is for small firm owners (and larger ones if you’re interested in growing even further) that want to shortcut the time it takes to acquire the knowledge to do these things successfully. It’s for people that are ambitious and understand the benefits of working with a mentor to acquire knowledge and get results fast.

Who is it not for?

There is no criteria for joining (but if you have recently started out please make sure that you can afford it and don’t put yourself under any financial strain). If you are more of a talker than a doer, and implementation isn’t your strong point, then this might not be for you. This is strictly knowledge sharing. If you’re looking for more accountability and 1:1 support, then my mastermind programme might be what you’re looking for.

Benefits of joining

Here are a few of the many benefits you get when you join the Profitable Accountants Community

Monthly Group Coaching Session

Spend 90 minutes every month with me learning how to transform the profits of your accounting firm following the strategies I’ve used to create a successful firm for myself and my other mentees

A Passionate Supportive Community

Join a community of dozens of other like-minded accountants and bookkeepers on the same journey with you, where you can all learn together, help each other out, and ultimately grow together

Access To My Library of Resources

Receive supporting resources including templates, checklists, study guides, systems and training videos that will guide you step-by-step in implementing in all you’ve learned from the mentoring session in your firm

Ask-Me-Anything Coaching Session

I will be available to answer all your questions every month, so you get access to ask me anything concerning your firm either during our online session or via the private Facebook group

Lunch 'n' Learn Weekly Sessions (Zoom call style)

Access to Lunch ‘n’ learn weekly sessions (60 mins) where everyone has their camera on (zoom call style) and you can ask any questions from me or your peers for any help on implementing any of the learnings together with support on wider challenges.

Do you want to shortcut the time it takes to achieve your goals?

When I first bought into my firm, back in 2008, I had all of the big dreams and ambitions that I’m sure you do right now. I wanted to build the shiny onboarding process that WOW’d new clients… I wanted to be able to win clients on social media and not just rely on referrals… I wanted to be able to successfully sell high-value advisory services to clients.

But I just didn’t know how…

In the years that I studied accounting, and then worked at PwC, I’d learnt how to become a great accountant, but things like systems, marketing, sales, pricing - it was like trying to learn a foreign language whilst holding down a full-time job and spending time with my family.

It felt impossible

And so, I set out to find a shortcut to achieving my goals in the shortest amount of time possible. And I did this by working with coaches and mentors. You see, what this meant was that instead of spending the next 1, 3 or even 5 years trying to figure out how to do what I wanted to, I could get the knowledge, tools and resources I needed to do it in a fraction of the time!

It’s with this in mind that I set up my own monthly mentoring programme. To provide other small firm owners with everything they need to achieve their goals faster!

"Very valuable. So many great tips. Remember, Reza is in the trenches, running an amazing practice.. so everything he teaches is stuff that WORKS in the real world."

Mark Wickersham
Value Pricing Academy

Here’s an example of the sessions we’ve covered previously

How To Attract and Retain The Best Talent In Your Accounting Firm

Learn the art of attracting the very best talent to your accounting firm using the strategies I reveal in this session. As your firm starts to get more clients and grow, the workload will become burdensome. It’s at this period you need to hire people into your organization – people who can see your vision and work with you to achieve it. Hiring the wrong person at this point could very much add to your problems.

When you go through this session, you’ll be well equipped with the knowledge to attract the right people to you, instead of you going after them.

How To Run A Discovery Call and Initial Sales Meeting

Do you scare potential clients away on a discovery call? You know, you feel like this lead could be a potential client but when you get on that discovery call or meeting with them… everything just goes wrong. You lose confidence… you say the wrong things… you present your services the wrong way, and you never hear from that prospect again. Well, stop wasting away opportunities! In this session, you’d learn exactly how to take on such calls and meetings right from the beginning to the very end.

How To Deliver 5-star Service And Wow Clients

Your clients stay with you because of the quality of service you render and nothing more. But how can you deliver exceptional service to them if you’re always putting out fires in your firm? In this session, you’d learn how to deliver a 5-star service to them while running your firm smoothly with the right processes in place.

Marketing – What Works and What Doesn’t Work For Accountants

There is a lot of marketing information out there on how to market a service but very little that centers on us – accounting firm owners. This is what I tackle in this session. I save you years of having to go through all the unnecessary information out there by showing you what works and doesn’t.

Here are some of the other resources you’ll get

All of these have been created, tested, and used successfully in my own firm, often getting amazing results. They will enable you to take the knowledge that I share and instantly implement and action it so that you too can get results.


Including the onboarding form that I use to WOW new clients


Including my virtual finance director brochure that allow you to communicate the value of your services

Proposal template

The exact proposal I used to win a piece of advisory work worth £128,997


A proven system for measuring team performance and getting the best out of your people

What’s the investment

1-2-1 Elite Support



For practice owners or multi-Partner firms who are looking to scale up and want to fast track their route to growth & higher profitability

✔ Everything in the 1-2-1 Support, Virtual Mastermind & Monthly Mentoring, PLUS

✔ Quarterly meet ups in person

✔ Personal access by phone and email

✔ 1 day visit to my office

✔ Full day visit to your offices

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1-2-1 Mentoring



For practice owners or multi-Partner firms who want more dedicated 1-2-1 time to get to their goals faster

✔ Everything in the Virtual Mastermind & Monthly Mentoring, PLUS

✔ 1 x 90 min monthly personalised coaching

✔ Personal Access by email for help throughout the month

✔ 1:1 Support with your challenges

✔ On demand access to our proposals, templates and firm's checklists

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Virtual Mastermind



Everything in the Profitable Accountants Community, PLUS

✔ 1 x initial 1:1 goal planning session

✔ 1 x 90 mins monthly group
coaching call

✔ 1 x 45 min monthly 1:1
session to hold you accountable

✔ Access to a private
Whatsapp Group

✔ Online training videos and resources

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The Profitable Accountants Community



For practice owners who want to know what works and be part of a community of accountants building more profitable, successful and impactful accounting firms 

✔ 1 x 90 min monthly group mentoring session

✔ Mentoring resources including templates, checklists, tools and done-for-you guides

✔ Private WhatsApp group for questions between sessions

✔ Lunch ‘n’ learn weekly sessions (zoom call style), once a month with me and the other weeks with fellow members. 

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Don’t just take my word for it, here is what current members are saying…

Want to take your firm to that next level?

If you’d like to join the The Profitable Accountants Community, your investment in the program will be £275 (+ VAT) /$375 per month. There is absolutely no tie-in or contract, so at any time if you feel you’re not getting any value whatsoever you can cancel out.

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