"I'm just so much more calmer. I've got my weekends back. My family loves that. I get to see my family. I don't work. I literally close the door at five o'clock. I'm working on my business more than in, actually in my business."

This is one of the many wins that Sharon has got after joining Reza's mastermind programme. 


Tell us a bit about yourself

So, I'm Sharon Wray of Sharon Wray Accountancy Services. I've been running this business now for just over four years. Literally started off with nine clients and took the leap of faith and left my main job to set up my business. And now, at just for four years running, I've now got 270 clients and I've got a team of four.

What was life like before joining the Mastermind group?

Before I joined this mastermind group, I was just drowning, completely drowning in work, I was overwhelmed, I was working nights, I was working weekends. Just all the hours around the clock. Stressed, completely stressed. Couldn't see a way out and thought something had to change. And, you know, and that's when I joined with Reza in the Mastermind group

Where did you first hear about Reza?

I joined Reza's Facebook group first and kept seeing Reza's videos and was really impressed with the content and everything. And joined a free mastermind session that Reza put on. And, yeah, joined that, watched that, was completely hooked. No-brainer, had to join.

What are some of the benefits you have had after joining the mastermind programme?

The resources are great. Every time we have a mastermind session, our Power Positioning course, the resources are fantastic. Reza is very generous with his resources. We can copy them, use them how we like, use them as our own templates, add our own logo, and things like that. So, the resources are absolutely incredible. You know, I think they're just worth their weight in gold, just on their own.

How long did it take you to see the benefits?

Very quickly, one month in, really. One of the main benefits as well, is being part of the mastermind WhatsApp group, because we just all support each other. I mean, a year ago, I wouldn't even dream of talking to other accountants. It was always a no-no - I can't talk to them because what if they pinch my clients and things like that. But it really isn't the case. We're all at different stages on our journeys. We all support each other. And the advice from the others, it's absolutely brilliant. And definitely a lot less stress as a result to have that support network.

How would you say you've changed as a person after joining the mastermind programme?

Actually, as a person, I'm just so much more calmer. I've got my weekends back. My family loves that. I get to see my family. I don't work. I literally close the door at five o'clock. I'm working on my business more than in, actually in my business. I have a great team behind me now, which I can rely on. I am just a completely different person, completely different, not overwhelmed anymore. Don't get me wrong, there are still times when I think, oh my God, I've got so much work on and I can be the bottleneck, but I see that in myself. And then I can do something to deal with that

How do you think other people view you now?

I think people think I've got a lot more confident now, both in my business and as a person definitely. My confidence, I think I'm really happy 'cause I'm really happy as well from the change, you know, from a few months ago when I was so overwhelmed and stressed and that's all virtually gone. And I'm just so happy in my business and my team. And I think that just shines in my confidence as well.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the mastermind?

Do it, absolutely no-brainer. It will really, it'll change your outlook, not just in your business, but also in yourself, personally. You've got to have those dreams that if you only want to work one day a week or however many hours a week that you want to work and you can't because you're so overwhelmed with what you're doing in your business, then you need to join these mastermind groups because that will help you see the wood for the trees without a doubt.



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Wishing you all the best on your journey!

Reza Hooda