Try this instead of timesheets timesheets value based pricing value pricing Apr 26, 2021

Timesheets or no timesheets - that is the question 

Always a subject which generates healthy debate 

Which side of the fence are you on? 

Still think timesheets have a place? 

Or should they be binned into history forever 

For #accountants and #lawyers IMHO they should be...

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The best investment I made #people investing self development Apr 23, 2021

What's the best investment you've ever made? 

Is it property?

Is it stocks and shares?

Is it Bitcoin?! 

Mine is none of above..

It's investing in ME 

Investing in my own learning and development 

Investing in learning from mentors who have gone on the journey before me


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Get outside of your own head priority productivity workingsmart Apr 19, 2021

99% of your problems stem from… 


But, here’s the good news!

YOU are also the solution! 

Shake those unproductive thoughts and get back to the things that are actually advancing you and your business 

You are in control! 

There will always be distractions...

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How your team can help you price pricing team members value pricing Apr 12, 2021

Struggling with scope creep? 

Feel like you and your team are working too hard with little return? 

Chances are, your pricing needs attention 

Given the nature of what we do as accountants, our services are very fluid 

You've adopted fixed fee pricing because you know that...

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Software to build your second brain notion secondbrain software Apr 06, 2021

What do you do with all the (useful) content that you read, watch and listen to ?

You know the stuff that really stands out that you want to keep for future reference.

How do you organise it all?

How do you take notes from podcasts or Youtube videos?

If you don't do you wish you did?

Is the...

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Stop relying on referrals content creation content marketing referrals Mar 29, 2021

You have to STOP relying on just referrals

And heres why 

It’s not a strategy, which means it’s not something you can plan and forecast around

It leaves you with little control and ownership around where you next customer will come from

And look, I get it, referrals are great!...

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Be the specialist not the generalist accountancy niche specialist Mar 22, 2021

Is it better to be a generalist or a specialist? 

Clue: I’m a dentist looking for an accountant. Am I going to be interested in any accountant I come across or one who specialises in working with dentists?

The specialist firm, of course.

Because an accountant who specialises in my...

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How to grow your accounting firm in 2021 accountancy content creation video content Mar 15, 2021

Have the last 10 months been as hard for you as everyone else in the accounting world?

furlough claims, loan applications, remote working not to mention the tax returns! 

Winning new business was probably not on your priority list 

You've worked crazy hours and been there for your...

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Your BIG Opportunity this year digital opportunity positioning Mar 08, 2021

What's the biggest change you've noticed since the pandemic began? 

We're watching a lot more Netflix and Youtube

We're eating a lot more

We like our kids less and less [joke]

But seriously..

we're all using Zoom more 

A year ago, most wouldn't have even heard of it 

Now it's...

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STOP! billing by the hour! rowe timesheets value pricing Mar 01, 2021

STOP billing by the hour!

STOP using timesheets!

Time has nothing to do with what your clients value 

Client's are not buying time from you

They are buying results, outcomes, solutions to problems 

You are not a commodity 

Your 'time' is not what you're selling 

When you track...

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The secret to building willpower atomic habits self development willpower Feb 22, 2021

How's that new year's resolution going? 

Perhaps it's not 

You're not alone..

Most people have long left them behind 

And it's not your fault...

Our brains are wired to avoid discomfort..

We will do whatever is easy for us..

Anything that is hard requires us to go against our...

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The no 1 cause of scope creep accountancy accounting scope creep Feb 15, 2021

Do you suffer from the dreaded scope creep? 

It's inevitable in the kind of work we do.. 

So how do you limit the amount of scope creep that happens? 

Especially if you're not billing by the hour any more.. 

(Because we know that's crazy and clients don't buy time from us)


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