Marketing never stops.. 😇

client experience marketing referrals Sep 06, 2021

So marketing doesn't stop when a client comes on board. Marketing continues all the way throughout your client's journey with you.

Because for us accountants in particular, we rely heavily on referrals. When we get a referral, chances are much greater that we'll convert that referral into a paying client. What that means is that the experience that new clients get with us is so important. The experience that we give them, the client experience that they get, needs to be second to none in order for them to sing our praises, to become our advocates and raving fans and refer us to their friends and family.

So what are you doing after the client comes on board to ensure that the service they get is second to none. What experiences do you give your client? What touch points do you have? How proactive are you? Focus as much or more in your client after they have come on board as much as you do before getting the client on board. Because those referrals, they're invaluable.

When you work out what the lifetime value of a customer is, of a client is, then you'll realize the importance of really delivering first-class service to your existing clients.

Watch the video below to find out more