How clients make a decision while buying client experience tax wow experience Oct 11, 2022

We’ve been seeing a couple of independent schools for our daughter moving into Year 7 next year. There was an open evening of one in Southampton on Friday evening then an open day yesterday in Winchester. Big decision for us as she’s our only daughter (she has 3 annoying...

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Are you still pricing by the hour? client experience email management sales Apr 11, 2022

If you bill by the hour, you get rewarded for being slow and inefficient. If your employees are completing timesheets, their focus is on the wrong things. Sounds so obvious doesn’t it?

Yet many firms still do it 

Imagine saying that out loud to a client when you give them your hourly...

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How Amazon, Uber & Dominos are competing for YOUR business 😱 client experience client satisfaction wow experience Dec 20, 2021

Do you patronize these companies?

Amazon, Dominos, and Uber

How would you rate their services?

Most people I know would rate them quite high.

And do you know why that is?

Because they have the customer at the heart of all their operations.

It’s all about how much they value their...

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Marketing never stops.. 😇 client experience marketing referrals Sep 06, 2021

So marketing doesn't stop when a client comes on board. Marketing continues all the way throughout your client's journey with you.

Because for us accountants in particular, we rely heavily on referrals. When we get a referral, chances are much greater that we'll convert that referral into a...

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Client's don't care about YOU 🙄 client experience client satisfaction intial meeting Jun 14, 2021

Clients don't care about you 

Harsh, but true 

They only care about what you can do for THEM 

How you can help them overcome their problems 

Or realise their dreams 

So don't start off a meeting talking about you, your firm, how many offices you have etc etc 


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The 2 types of accountants 🤓 client experience client satisfaction clients Jun 07, 2021

There are two types of #accountants 

Which camp are you in? 

Are you the internal focused accountant or the client focused accountant?

When you're internally focused you:

charge based on time spent

believe your people are a commodity

let your clients take 100% of the risk of working...

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Measure this 👇 instead... #productivity client experience timesheets Apr 30, 2021

So big debate on keeping timesheets earlier in the week 

If we don't keep track of time, what should we measure instead? 

So many to choose from 

Whatever you measure, link it to the OUTCOME you are trying to achieve..

As a wise man once said 'anything that is watched and measured,...

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Why have an onboarding system client experience new clients onboarding Dec 14, 2020

Have I made right decision? Should I have stayed with my ex? 

What if he let's me down..

I can't bear to go through this process again 

These are the thoughts going through your new client's mind..

Have I made the right choice, or not
I'm excited, but also fearful
Excited to have...

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