Client's don't care about YOU 🙄

client experience client satisfaction intial meeting Jun 14, 2021

Clients don't care about you 

Harsh, but true 

They only care about what you can do for THEM 

▶️ How you can help them overcome their problems 

⏩ Or realise their dreams 

So don't start off a meeting talking about you, your firm, how many offices you have etc etc 

They don't care 

Instead, focus on asking better questions 

A great one to get the conversation going is:

'So tell me, what motivated you to get in touch today...' 

That will get right to the heart of what they want & what their problems are

✅ You don't need to be an expert at sales to convert prospects to clients

✅ You just need to be good at asking questions

That positions you as the expert and guide that will help your prospect overcome their challenges and realise their goals 

Watch the video below to find out more