A Journey from Zero to Hero: How I Ate My Own Dog Food and Built a Successful Brand

Nov 06, 2023


The phrase "eating your own dog food" might sound bizarre at first, but it carries a profound message about authenticity and confidence in one's own products or services. In this blog post, I want to share my personal experience of doing just that. I not only made a commitment to my audience but also embarked on a remarkable journey to build a new brand, logo, and audience, sharing every step of the process with you. This journey led me to achieve my ambitious goal, and I'm excited to reveal the insights and steps I took to get there.

Keeping Promises:

In my program, I made a bold promise to my #accountants audience – I would teach them everything I knew about marketing and positioning their firms to consistently win work. But, I didn't stop at mere words; I decided to lead by example. I pledged to start a new firm with a fresh brand, a new logo, and a new audience. I wanted to prove that I could practice what I preached and, more importantly, share my experiences, successes, and even failures with my audience.

The Promise: £0 - £100k in 12 Months:

The challenge I set for myself and my audience was no small feat. We aimed to go from a standing start to generating £100k in just 12 months. A challenging goal, indeed, but with determination and focus, we managed to reach our target in only 9 months. It was a relief because, had we not succeeded, it would have been quite embarrassing!

Real-Life Testing Ground:

One of the advantages I had in this endeavor was the ability to test and experiment in a real-life practice. I could put theories into practice and see what worked and what didn't. This meant that I could not only share our successes but also help others avoid the pitfalls.

The Power of a New Brand:

The key to our success was the creation of a new brand that resonated with our target audience. In less than two years, our firm became one of the top two specialist accountants for content creators and influencers in the country. This rapid success highlighted the importance of focus in achieving our goals.

The 7 Steps:

If you're curious about the seven crucial steps that helped us build our new brand and create a marketing system that generates inquiries on autopilot, head over to LinkedIn and find "Reza Hooda and check out the free resources for accountants. You'll find the details in the list of resources. I encourage you to explore these steps and apply them to your own journey.


Eating your own dog food is not just a quirky phrase; it's a powerful approach to building trust, authenticity, and success. I am living proof that by following through on my promises, setting ambitious goals, and sharing my experiences, you can achieve remarkable results. Whether you're an accountant, an entrepreneur, or anyone with a dream, remember that focus and determination are your greatest allies on the path to success.