STOP! billing by the hour!

STOP billing by the hour!

STOP using timesheets!

Time has nothing to do with what your clients value 

Client's are not buying time from you

They are buying results, outcomes, solutions to problems 

You are not a commodity 

Your 'time' is not what you're selling 

When you track...

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How to eliminate timesheets once and for all

Do you still use timesheets in your firm? Now I know many accountants still do.

Even though, we've moved on to a different way of pricing clients on a fixed fee basis. But many accountants are still so attached to the timesheet, that even though they may not be billing based on the time and the...

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Ditch the timesheet! (How to effectively measure profitability & productivity)

If you're an accountant do you still use timesheets in your practice?

In my last mentoring session I did a poll. There were about 50 accountants there and more than half said that they still used timesheets in their practice.

Now the vast majority don't use timesheets for billing purposes. So...

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