This really drives me up the wall 😡

timesheets value based pricing value pricing May 16, 2022

You know one thing that really drives me up the wall is...Receiving a surprise bill. I get this quite often from solicitors. They’d be engaged on something like assisting with a new lease on a property and i’d receive a letter outlining their hourly rates. 

Thanks - but your rates have nothing to do with the problem we’re looking to solve and the help we need to solve it 

Mrs Solicitor - you’ve done this before

Surely you can come up a fixed fee that we can agree beforehand for the work. I can then decide whether your quote represents value for me or not. It’s not difficult

Use some variables to determine what would make the job more complex and give me some options based upon my preferences

  1. I don’t care how long it takes you
  2. I don’t care how much it costs you
  3. I just care about the result i’m looking to get

And if you took the time to get to know what that is and used your experience in doing a similar thing before, you’d be able to earn a decent return by giving me a fixed fee based on the outcome you’re delivering 

I explain this in today’s video 👇