How your team can help you price

Struggling with scope creep? 

Feel like you and your team are working too hard with little return? 

Chances are, your pricing needs attention 

Given the nature of what we do as accountants, our services are very fluid 

You've adopted fixed fee pricing because you know that...

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STOP! billing by the hour!

STOP billing by the hour!

STOP using timesheets!

Time has nothing to do with what your clients value 

Client's are not buying time from you

They are buying results, outcomes, solutions to problems 

You are not a commodity 

Your 'time' is not what you're selling 

When you track...

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Time-based billing is a crazy way to price. Here's 3 reasons why...

If you're an accountant, do you still bill by the hour?

Now I know in recent years, many accountants have transitioned away thankfully from time-based billing. But there is still many that do, however, have very strong opinions on this.

I believe that time-based billing is a crazy way to price....

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