How your team can help you price

pricing team members value pricing Apr 12, 2021

Struggling with scope creep? 

Feel like you and your team are working too hard with little return? 

Chances are, your pricing needs attention 

Given the nature of what we do as accountants, our services are very fluid 

You've adopted fixed fee pricing because you know that time is not what clients buy from you - but you still find yourself overwhelmed and doing more than you expected.

You're not alone 

But you've done the hard bit and committed to giving your clients certainty and choice rather than pricing based on time 

And now, accept that pricing is not something you can get right from day one 

It takes time 

Your pricing should be evolving 

Here's what you can do to accelerate the evolution process:

  1. Get your team involved in the pricing process
  2. Show them how you came up with the fees for each client
  3. What the scope of each client is and how the price was derived from the client's complexities & preferences
  4. If they are aware of it then they can alert you when things go out of scope
  5. They can also be on the lookout for what makes a job more complex
  6. Or if a client has particular preferences in how they want to meet or provide you information

Watch the video below to know more about how your team can help you price better