STOP! billing by the hour!

rowe timesheets value pricing Mar 01, 2021

STOP billing by the hour!

STOP using timesheets!

Time has nothing to do with what your clients value 

Client's are not buying time from you

They are buying results, outcomes, solutions to problems 

You are not a commodity 

Your 'time' is not what you're selling 

When you track time - or get your employees to - you are suggesting that time matters 

It doesn't 

The only place where time spent matters is ... in prison! 

Instead, get your team to focus on the outcomes they are generating 

What are they doing that makes a difference to client's lives 

How are they enhancing the client's experience with your firm 

How quickly are they turning things around 

How proactive are they 

How are they helping clients achieve their goals 

These are things that matter 

Watch the video below to find out more ways you can measure results in your firm other than using timesheets