Try this instead of timesheets

timesheets value based pricing value pricing Apr 26, 2021

Timesheets or no timesheets - that is the question 

Always a subject which generates healthy debate 

Which side of the fence are you on? 

Still think timesheets have a place? 

Or should they be binned into history forever 

For #accountants and #lawyers IMHO they should be binned 🗑


Because clients don't buy time from us

They buy:

✅ Outcomes

✅ Results

✅ Solutions to problems

How long you spend on something has no relevance to the outcome for your client 

Getting your employees to fill in timesheets focuses their efforts on the WRONG things 

Instead of focusing on outputs for clients, they worry about where to clock their INPUTS 

And who says effective work can only happen when someone works 7.5 a day? 

The 9-5 dates back to the Industrial Age 

We're in the Digital Age yet our working practices date back 100+ years 

Align your employees objectives with the objectives of your clients

You'll get more productive, effective and happier employees as a result 

Watch the video below to find out more about value pricing