Here’s exactly what you should measure in your firm…

pricing timesheets value Dec 13, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions before?

“What should I spend time measuring in my firm to ensure we keep growing?”

“How do I measure my clients' satisfaction with my services?”

“How can we measure whether we’re on track with our outcomes?”

If you have, then I must tell you this…

One thing you should keep in mind when deciding what to measure in your firm is:

Whatever you’re measuring… you must always ensure it ties back to what is important to your clients.

The outputs. The outcomes. The solutions.

This is where your focus should be on the most.

And I'm sure by now we both know that measuring time is not necessary, because time has no relevance to our outcomes.

So then, if not time, what should you measure instead?

In this video, I mention 6 things you can measure to ensure the sustenance of your firm.

Oh, and look out for the 2nd thing I mention there -- because besides providing good results to clients, nothing else matters to them as much as that.