Why have an onboarding system client experience new clients onboarding Dec 14, 2020

Have I made right decision? Should I have stayed with my ex? 

What if he let's me down..

I can't bear to go through this process again 

These are the thoughts going through your new client's mind..

Have I made the right choice, or not
I'm excited, but also fearful
Excited to have...

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Onboarding new clients: Making the first 100 days count customer service onboarding May 18, 2020

So you've won a new client, yay!

But what next? You see, your client has agreed to work with you because they have undergone a journey from not knowing you, to knowing you, to liking you and trusting you, but what next?

When they agreed to buy from you they had these conflicting emotions running...

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