Nitch Or Niche???

marketing niche positioning Oct 03, 2021

Do you still struggle to win clients into your firm?

Well, then you might be guilty of this…

Lack of positioning.

That’s right.

That is the number one reason why most accounting firm owners struggle to win over new clients.

You see, without defining your ideal client, it’s nearly impossible to put together any meaningful marketing activity to find them.

And that’s because…

When you try to appeal to everyone you end up appealing to no one.

So then, what should you do??

You need to niche out your business.

And here’s what happens when you do that…

  • It differentiates you from all the generalist accountants out there.
  • It makes it much easier to find your ideal clients because you can target where they hang out.
  • It allows you to tailor messaging that will resonate with your target audience
  • It enables you to pick who you work with and allows you to charge

When you niche down, you are assumed (by your prospects) to have the best chance of getting them success.

And this is because, you’re involved with other clients in that particular industry every day as a specialist… and so you’re expected to know the ins and out of your space.

When you focus on building a real brand in a certain industry.

Your prospects will flock to you because of that expertise you possess instead of stumbling across you (like in the case of a generalist).

The more laser focused you are on who you help – the better quality clients you’ll get.

I have a saying… Go narrow and go deep!

In this video, I talk more on how niching down can help attract a large flow of clients into your accounting firm.