Stop trying to do everything! #productivity delegate having a process May 31, 2021

It'll be quicker if I just did it myself...

It's gona take so long to explain this to her, I'll just get it done myself

No one can do it as well me so I'll just do it

Sound familiar? 

It's a common curse of the business owner! 

But it is also the reason why you end up working crazy...

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Don't make this BIG mistake when sending out proposals! initial meeting proposal sales meetings May 24, 2021

Don't make this BIG mistake! 

So you've had a great meeting with a potential client 

You get to the end and the prospect asks 'so, how much is that going to cost' 

You say... "uh, i'll send you a proposal to confirm"


That is the worst thing you can do at the end of your...

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Clients are not price sensitive pricing pricing strategy value based pricing May 17, 2021

That's too expensive


You: my clients are so price sensitive 

No they're not!

Most people in society are not price sensitive 

They are VALUE sensitive

If your clients:

  1. buy their coffee from Starbucks
  2. have an iPhone
  3. drive a premium brand car

They CANNOT be price sensitive ...

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To be better, be DIFFERENT 😎 being different niche positioning May 04, 2021

Struggling to attract new clients?

And can't seem to pinpoint why? 

You may be swimming in the sea of sameness. 
Does your website look like every other accountants website? 

Do you list all the services you offer 

Do you send out the same old Budget update like everyone...

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Measure this 👇 instead... #productivity client experience timesheets Apr 30, 2021

So big debate on keeping timesheets earlier in the week 

If we don't keep track of time, what should we measure instead? 

So many to choose from 

Whatever you measure, link it to the OUTCOME you are trying to achieve..

As a wise man once said 'anything that is watched and measured,...

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Try this instead of timesheets timesheets value based pricing value pricing Apr 26, 2021

Timesheets or no timesheets - that is the question 

Always a subject which generates healthy debate 

Which side of the fence are you on? 

Still think timesheets have a place? 

Or should they be binned into history forever 

For #accountants and #lawyers IMHO they should be...

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The best investment I made #people investing self development Apr 23, 2021

What's the best investment you've ever made? 

Is it property?

Is it stocks and shares?

Is it Bitcoin?! 

Mine is none of above..

It's investing in ME 

Investing in my own learning and development 

Investing in learning from mentors who have gone on the journey before me


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Get outside of your own head priority productivity workingsmart Apr 19, 2021

99% of your problems stem from… 


But, here’s the good news!

YOU are also the solution! 

Shake those unproductive thoughts and get back to the things that are actually advancing you and your business 

You are in control! 

There will always be distractions...

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How your team can help you price pricing team members value pricing Apr 12, 2021

Struggling with scope creep? 

Feel like you and your team are working too hard with little return? 

Chances are, your pricing needs attention 

Given the nature of what we do as accountants, our services are very fluid 

You've adopted fixed fee pricing because you know that...

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Software to build your second brain notion secondbrain software Apr 06, 2021

What do you do with all the (useful) content that you read, watch and listen to ?

You know the stuff that really stands out that you want to keep for future reference.

How do you organise it all?

How do you take notes from podcasts or Youtube videos?

If you don't do you wish you did?

Is the...

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Stop relying on referrals content creation content marketing referrals Mar 29, 2021

You have to STOP relying on just referrals

And heres why 

It’s not a strategy, which means it’s not something you can plan and forecast around

It leaves you with little control and ownership around where you next customer will come from

And look, I get it, referrals are great!...

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Be the specialist not the generalist accountancy niche specialist Mar 22, 2021

Is it better to be a generalist or a specialist? 

Clue: I’m a dentist looking for an accountant. Am I going to be interested in any accountant I come across or one who specialises in working with dentists?

The specialist firm, of course.

Because an accountant who specialises in my...

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