Your buyer's journey to working with you 🛣

buyer's journey grow your business marketing Jul 19, 2021

If you're looking to grow your accounting firm, it's worth taking the time to understand the "buyer's journey" to understand our client's journey into making an inquiry to work with us.

And if you study marketing as I've done over the years, then the marketers will tell you that there is something called a 'Marketing Funnel' which basically charts out the journey of a buyer from becoming aware of you to doing business with you. Then there are several stages in between.

The first stage is the Awareness stage where they've both become aware of you. What marketing is doing to get people to become aware of you, for you to become known to any potential clients. So these are things like your social media marketing, your website. These are what you would call "top of the funnel marketing."

The next stage down is the Interest. If somebody is interested in perhaps finding out a bit more about you, what additional value can you offer? And this is where the lead magnets come in, the eBooks come in, that you have something of value to give to a potential client in return and exchange for their email address.

Then it's the Desire stage where you make them a call to action and if they want to take that next step then perhaps they book a call with you. And then finally, the last stage is the Action step, this is where you convert them on that call from them expressing an interest to work with you to actually sealing the deal and then coming on board as a client.

When you understand that, when you have your marketing in place that covers off all the stages of the "buyer's journey," then when that inquiry comes in, three-quarters of your work will have been done because if you get it right then 75% of the buyer's mind will already have been made up before they make contact with you.