How to generate ideal client enquiries

client enquiries positioning sales Jun 21, 2021

So how do you get enquiries from your ideal clients? 

Is it by referral? 

Is it through social media? 

Or is it via your email list? 

Referrals are great but they aren't always predictable. 

So what you need is a marketing system that generates a predictable number of enquiries for you to fill your pipeline 

This is often referred to as a 'marketing funnel' 

The main stages of the funnel are:

1️⃣ Attraction

2️⃣ Interest

3️⃣ Desire &

4️⃣ Action

The attraction stage is where you get known. That's where social media is handy.

The next stage is actually where you've piqued a prospect's interest, where do they go next?

Typically you would give them something of value like an e-book

The e-book positions you as an expert and authority in your field 

It builds trust and creates reciprocity

You have given first before you've asked for anything in return 

Once they're in your list then you can keep giving, 'nurturing' that prospect until they are ready to buy 

Watch the video below to know how you can generate ideal client enquiries for your accounting firm