⛅️ Silver lining of the pandemic 😇

#employeemotivation employees rowe Aug 02, 2021

There's been a silver lining with the pandemic, and the silver lining is the realization by employers that work can happen without seeing your employees with their bums on seats.

Prior to the pandemic, we had a rigid nine-to-five office working culture, where if you weren't in the office between the hours of nine-to-five, or whatever set hours you had, then you clearly weren't working.

But that nine-to-five concept dates back to the industrial age when we had to physically be in the place of work, in a factory between those hours, operating machinery and ensuring the physic products were getting made.

Fast-forward a hundred or more years. We're in the digital age. We no longer need to be in a physical place of work, for work to get done, particularly in professional services like accountancy, or law firms. Yet our working culture was still fixated on that regimental work week schedule in a physical place. The pandemic has kind of done away with that, which means that more and more firms are moving to a flexible way of working.

I would actually encourage you to go one step further and implement a Results-Only Working Environment. This is something that we did a couple of years ago, which means that our employees can work when, where, and how they want as long as the work gets done. Because the only thing that should matter is the work, not how much time someone spends on it, not where they do it. Our job is to clearly articulate what needs to be done and by when, and then leave it up to our team, and treat them like adults, that they will get the job done.

If they have any roadblocks or pressing issues, they will then come and seek help. We've certainly found in the last couple of years that it's had a terrific impact on the team's morale. Productivity has gone through the roof. And even by offering unlimited holidays, we still find that the objectives and needs of clients are being met.

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