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No More Working Crazy Hours For Peanuts

Many accountants like you started out the same way, wanting to do things differently… to take control of their time… be their own boss… earn more and live life the way they want to live. They start with all the right intentions, to work hard, to deliver superior client service, and help their clients achieve their goals in order to ultimately get the life they want for themselves.

But, just like you, they find themselves constantly overwhelmed, working too many hours and earning even less than what they were earning when they were working for someone else. And soon, they realize that running a practice is just plain difficult. And for some of them, they give up on that dream life they wanted to create at the beginning. But it doesn't have to be that way. There's a way you could run a really successful accounting firm and still have that dream life of yours. And it starts by identifying the problem you're currently facing.

So how do you know when you need that way out?

When you struggle to...

✔️ Manage your workload.

✔️ Find high-paying clients.

✔️ Raise your fees and pricing to get paid what you deserve.

✔️ Recruit the right staff and talent into your firm.

✔️ Position and market your firm to attract the type of clients you want.

✔️ Create time for yourself and your loved ones.

If you find yourself in any of these shoes (or worse, in all of them), then you need help – and fast!

You need the help of someone who has walked the same path you're currently on... and has made it through all the way to the point of achieving success there to guide you.

And that's what I exist to help you do.

Through my mentoring programs, I've helped hundreds of accountants just like you who are struggling with these same problems break through their limitations and reach heights they never imagined existed!

And I believe that by implementing the exact powerful strategies and secrets I reveal... you, too, can get there.

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If you want to discover the 4 foundational pillars every successful accounting firm is built on and how to implement them in your firm to get incredible results, then get access to my free training here.

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Let me hold you by the hands and walk you step-by-step through the exact strategies that I have used to grow my firm to where it is today. I will answer all your questions, show you all the shortcuts and give you a quick and easy way to transform your profits in the shortest time possible.

Here are the ways you can invest in yourself…


For access to high-level training, ready-to-use resources and templates to shortcut your learnings and guide you in building a more profitable and successful firm.

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For access to an inner circle group of like minded accounting firm owners, goals planning and accountability to achieve your goals in a more structured manner.

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1:2:1 Mentoring

For custom made one-to-one mentoring, personal coaching and training, and access to on-demand resources directly from our firm to get you to your goals faster.

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Building A Successful Accounting Firm

Back in 2008, I acquired a small firm called Walji & Co after I left my position as an accountant at PwC. I wanted to be my own boss, have more time to myself and my family as well as make a noticeable impact in some way to the accounting industry.

But I soon realized that running a business was a lot harder than I thought. Although I had trained in PwC and was a good accountant, I was a novice business owner.

I was forced to do things I had no experience in. Things like marketing, sales, prospecting, systems, pricing, positioning, etc. As it turns out, they don't teach you how to run a business when you do your accountancy training.

And so for the first six years it was really hard, I was working crazy hours and not making any money. Cash flow was tight as we billed in arrears and we struggled sometimes to make PAYE and VAT payments. I couldn’t grow my firm any further and was mostly occupied with only low paying activities – not to mention putting out fires in my business almost every day. And as if that wasn't enough, I had a young family at home to feed. We had four kids in the space of five years with our 4th born in January 2014.

It dawned on me then that things had to change for the better, otherwise I'd have to give up on my dreams, pack it all in and go back to being employed in order to look after my family -- and this would've been the worst thing ever.

So I went looking for answers and came across a webinar on pricing that changed everything for me. The things I learned that day triggered the beginning of my transformation.

I realized then that there's a lot I didn't know about running a firm and not knowing them was costing me greatly -- both in time and in resources.

So I decided to seek the advice and guidance of mentors – people who had walked the path I was currently on. I sought advice from both mentors in and outside our industry and learnt as much as I could from them as well as implement what I learnt. With their help I got results fast!

I went from frustrated, struggling and chasing clients for invoices of around £500 to £1000 to winning mighty fees of £135,121 paid in advance, and revenue of £1m with just 7 people!

Now the firm I took over has nearly quadrupled in revenue and is hitting net profit margins of 50%. In addition, and most importantly, I'm able to run the firm in just 15 hours a week or less!

The rest of my free time I spend mentoring and coaching fellow accountants like you to avoid making the same mistakes that I did and to help you get to your goals a lot faster.

Transformation Begins With A Decision

There is a saying: You can’t help someone unless they want to be helped. It’s the same right here. I can’t help you unless you want me to.

Everyone who has ever made an impact in this world at some point in their lives made a decision to change… to learn… to seek transformation… to go to that next level.

You need to make that decision as well – to move forward and never look back.

And when you do make that decision, here are some of the things we would tackle together to cause that transformation in your firm:

  • Setting your prices in a way that attracts high-paying clients to you, as well as compensates you for what you’re worth and deserve!
  • Picking a niche and standing out amidst the crowd to become the go-to accountants in your niche!
  • Building systems in your firm that allows you the freedom to work less, have fun with loved ones, and just be yourself… while scooping in high net profit margins!
  • Hiring the best talents into your firm and managing them in a way that skyrockets their productivity!
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Testimonials From Already Transformed Practice Owners

My mentees all experience results like these…

Zero to £8,000 in less than six months!...

“We’ve gone from zero to £8,000 in less than six months and I’ve won my biggest ever fee having gone on a journey with the Reza how to price stuff.”

Dipak Dharmecha, DD Chartered Accountants

Increased prices from 30% to 200% successfully!...

“His video series on pricing has enabled me to up my prices by between 30% and 200%”

Buhir Rafiq, Total Books

Closed a client for three times the usual fee!...

“It was just incredible because the price that I eventually got from the client was three times what I probably would have previously charged.”

Shafiq Khan, SK Business Solutions

Best money I EVER spent...

“Just go for the 1 -2 - 1 option. Best money I EVER spent

Got it back 100 folds since”

Fredrick Sandgrav, Sandgrav Solutions

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The Podcast For Practice Owners

This podcast is specifically for accountants and CPA firm owners who want to learn how to transform the profits of their accounting firm.

In this podcast we share common challenges and frustrations accounting owners face while running their firm and also give tips on how you can overcome them and make your practice something that gives you the return and life you always dreamed about.

Check out the episodes

7 Strategies to Transform the Profits of your Accounting Firm

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