How to deliver 5 star service and wow clients

How to deliver 5 star service and wow clients

Your clients will remember how you made them feel long after they forget what you did for them.

In this course, learn how to create unforgettable experiences for your clients that will make them LOYAL to you and become your raving fans to bring you new business.

Unlock the resources from this session to create that wow impression right from that initial call through to the first meeting and then wowing them with your seamless onboarding process.

All for just £395 + VAT

Below is list and summary of all the resources you will get access to - the recordings, the handouts, the slides, the templates and checklists that I use in my firm to get incredible results - and you can do the same.

What you get access to

Video recording

Full HD recording of the 90 min session including a private Youtube link if you prefer to watch it that way

Session slides

All the content and slides that I used in the session

Audio file

Full audio recording file (mp3) of the session that you can download and listen on the go

Session notes

Detailed notes that I use to prepare for and deliver the session including any templates and scripts I may have gone through.

On-boarding form

Access to our template on-boarding that you can use to onboard your new clients and create a wow experience. This is created via google forms and really easy for you to add your logo and start using right away - saving you loads of time in the process!

What to expect from working with us

A beautifully designed timeline that shows a client what to expect from working with us over the next 12m - you can use the same to wow your clients

Basis of our relationship form

A form that we include in our welcome pack that the client signs up to - to manage expectations on both side - what we will do and more importantly, what we expect them to do

Client satisfaction survey + email template

Access our client satisfaction survey that you can use to survey your clients complete with email template to accompany the survey

100% Value Guarantee

If you don't think you have received any value from the resources you have purchased, just send us an email and we'll refund you what you have paid.


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