How to set up a 100% remote firm and work from ANYWHERE with Alex Falcon-Huerta

How to set up a 100% remote firm and work from ANYWHERE with Alex Falcon-Huerta

In this podcast Alex falcon Huerta talks about her journey from Bedford (UK) to Bali!

How she has set up her firm with her team and processes so she can be anywhere in the world and the practice can continue to run without a glitch.

Listen to this podcast to hear how Alex is fulfilling her personal dreams by having a practice that works for her now so she can live the life that she wants.

When it comes to a running a successful accounting firm there are only 4 things that move the needle forward i.e pricing, positioning, process and people. In this episode we have focused on getting your processes right. To know more about the other three pillars hear my other podcasts here.

Once you get these 4 pillars sorted, you will have a successful accounting firm.

Time-stamped show notes

[2:12] Introduction to Alex and more about her journey from Bedford to Bali
[5:24] The reason behind Alex wanting a remote firm and how she prepared for it
[14:11] How Alex structured her team to run the process and firm allowing her to work remotely
[18:39] How have Alex's clients reacted with remote working
[22:55] How Alex's team works and building a culture to make them feel a part of the team
[29:43] How Alex recruited her offshore team
[30:26] If Alex was to start her firm today, the software she would use
[31:12] Advice to people who plan to start their firm today
[39:41] What should someone lookout for when starting a remote firm or planning to go on a holiday
[42:39] How Alex recruits her remote employees

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