How I tripled my average fees in less than 12m with Bev Flanagan

How I tripled my average fees in less than 12m with Bev Flanagan

Want to know how you can significantly increase your fees as a small firm?

Listen to this episode where  I interview Bev Flanagan, Founder of Mind Your Assets accountants - and winner of Yorkshire's Best Accountant award! 

Bev spoke about her journey over the last 12m where she has enjoyed amazing growth, tripling her average fees, winning recurring fees of over £24,000 and adding high value one off project work to her repertoire (not to mention winning some awards along the way!)

Time-stamped show notes

[3:00] Bev's journey and how she started her accounting firm coming from an industry background
[7:00] How Bev got her first clients and how she priced her clients initially
[11:53] Bev's challenges before she went on her pricing journey
[17:00] Monetary results that Bev has got after being able to communicate her value better
[21:00] The systems Bev has in place to run her accounting firm
[28:00] Which sofware solution Bev uses and how is better than others
[32:54] The biggest fear when repricing clients and the biggest learning
[35:40] Quickbooks vs Xero
[37:40] Where Bev gets her accounting industry information
[39:39] Advice Bev would give to her younger self

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