How I built my practice from £0 to £200k in less than 2 years aged 26 with Joshua Tharby

How I built my practice from £0 to £200k in less than 2 years aged 26

Are you struggling to get new enquiries? Have your referrals dried up?

And does this make it worse for you especially due to the pandemic?

Luckily, there are a few minor tweaks that you can make and start to get enquiries for all over the nation.

In this episode, I interviewed Joshua Tharby of JSM Partners and we spoke about how he built his practice from nothing to £200k in less than 24 months! We spoke about how he has achieved success and also got some practical tips and lessons from his journey that you can implement to in your firm and transform your profits as your client base grows exponentially.

When it comes to a running s successful accounting firm there are only 4 things that move the needle forward i.e pricing, positioning, process and people. In this episode we have focused on getting your positioning right. To know more about the other three pillars hear my other podcasts here.

Once you get these 4 pillars sorted, you will have a successful accounting firm.

Time-stamped show notes

[00:29] Introduction to the topic, Joshua's journey in accounting and how he got started with JSM Partners

[05:06] Joshua's reason for niching into the property niche and how that has helped him position himself better. And how long after he started to niche his firm did he completely niche into just property investors?

[09:50] Joshua's way of gaining traction for his firm, enquiries from his Facebook group and his video journey.

[15:39] Joshua' advice to other accountants to get their marketing right.

[17:20] Joshua talking about hoe to best use Facebook for business purposes, dealing with algorithm changes on social media platforms and the downsides to being the face of your company.

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