How to build and scale a digital firm with Will Farnell

How to build and scale a digital firm

In this session, Will shared his story of building his digital firm over the last decade.

He also talked of where one should focus their efforts to ensure their digital firm is constantly evolving in our ever changing world.

Listen to this podcast to learn how you can do the same in your firm.

When it comes to a running a successful accounting firm there are only 4 things that move the needle forward i.e pricing, positioning, process and people. In this episode we have focused on getting your processes right. To know more about the other three pillars hear my other podcasts here.

Once you get these 4 pillars sorted, you will have a successful accounting firm.

Time-stamped show notes

[1:57] introduction to Will and his journey of making his firm 100% cloud

[4:20] How does Farnell Clark look as a digital firm today and what they aspire to be in the future

[6:57] The structure used at Farnell Clark to grow it to 50 people

[11:17] How the pods are recruited, trained and issues with having a pod systems at Farnell Clark.

[16:06] How soon after Will started his firm did he hire his first employee, What triggered the move, How many clients/income was Farnell Clark at when it first hired

[23:23] How does Will charge his clients and his journey of repricing his old clients

[33:30] How is Will ensuring that client experience is great at his firm so all his clients are happy with Farnell Clark

[41:34] Where does Will plan to take Farnell Clark in the next 5 years

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