How to build an accounting firm that can run without you with Carl reader

How to build an accounting firm that can run without you 

Is your firm overly dependent on you?

Do you feel that you are over working?

In this podcast, I was joined by the Chairman at multi-award winning firm d&t Chartered Accountants, Carl Reader. Carl is widely recognised as a thought leader in the accounting profession and has been recognised as one of the leading voices on social media by ICAEW. And in this episode, we discussed how to build an accounting firm that can run without you.

Listen to this podcast to learn how you can do the same for your firm.

When it comes to a running a successful accounting firm there are only 4 things that move the needle forward i.e pricing, positioning, process and people. In this episode we have focused on getting your positioning right. To know more about the other three pillars hear my other podcasts here.

Once you get these 4 pillars sorted, you will have a successful accounting firm.

Time-stamped show notes

[1:34] Introduction to Carl and his accounting journey

[10:57] How Carl began his journey to build a practice that could run without him, the systems he used to achieve this

[15:04] The thing Carl would have done differently had he started his firm again

[16:39] How did Carl determine when to increase the number of employees in his firm

[19:31] What structure does Carl's firm have i.e number of managers to employees and what roles he created that helped him create a firm that could run without him

[21:34] What a pod system is

[23:16] The metrics used to see how well employees are performing

[25:03] D & T's journey with niching and Carl's advice to other firms on niching

[43:47] What would Carl's priorities' be to achieve a firm that can run without him if he started his firm all over gain

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