Importance of your personal brand to grow your accounting firm with Alastair Barlow

Importance of your personal brand to grow your accounting firm

Do you need to build a personal brand as an accounting firm owner?

In this podcast Alastair spoke about how he has grown his firm and client base through using his personal brand and focusing on his firm's profile. 

Listen to this podcast to learn how you can do the same for your firm.

When it comes to a running a successful accounting firm there are only 4 things that move the needle forward i.e pricing, positioning, process and people. In this episode we have focused on getting your positioning right. To know more about the other three pillars hear my other podcasts here.

Once you get these 4 pillars sorted, you will have a successful accounting firm.

Time-stamped show notes

[2:18] Introduction to Alastair and a bit more about his accounting and marketing journey

[8:52] How Alastair offers finance function in his firm and how other firms can position themselves to offer this service.

[15:59] Core applications that are used in Alastair's firm and how they determine what application would work best for each client

[22:11] Does Alastair do the finance work himself or does he delegate it to his staffand how he trains his staff

[27:04] How the name Flinder came up, how has building a brand has helped the firm.

[30:21] Alastair's advice to accountants on building their personal brand. The benefits of having their own brand

[35:30] How Alastair attracts the right talent for his firm

[42:34] Future plans for Flinder

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