#111 NEW Podcast Name! Accountex Talk Summary + Book Launch

Season #1

Welcome to the latest episode of the Profitable Accountant Podcast! In this episode, Reza Hooda shares his experience at the Accountex conference and book launch. He talks about how the stars aligned for him to launch his new book and do a book signing at the conference. Reza also shares the importance of understanding your target audience, getting clear on who you serve, and increasing your perceived value to charge higher fees.

He discusses how rebranding his podcast to "The Profitable Accountant" and niching down into a particular sector or activity can make marketing easier and more effective. Reza also emphasizes the opportunity to take on the full finance function and reframe bookkeeping as a virtual finance office or a full finance function handling.

Listen in to learn more about how to build an accounting firm to win clients, charge higher fees, and outperform the competition even in harsh economic climates. Don't forget to follow the podcast and drop Reza a line on social media to let him know your thoughts!

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