#119 Growing By Acquisition To 18 People In 3.5 Years With Julie Wilkinson

Season #1

From start-up to 18 people and on track to hit £1million after just 3 years! 🤯

That’s the incredible story of julie Wilkinson of Wilkinson Accounting Solutions. 

In this episode i’ll be speaking to Julie on:

  • how she managed to get such phenomenal growth in such a short space of time
  • how she grew by acquisition and continues to do so with her aim of building a £5m in the next 5 years before exiting 🚀
  • how she manages a completely virtual team of 18 people including 7 in-house CFO’s
  • how she wins high value fees with a focus on management accounting and M&A activity
  • how she fits all the above in together an active lifestyle and taking out several weeks a year from the practice!

Listen to this episode and get tangible takeaways that you can implement in your practice and life to get results 👌

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