#120 Should You Outsource Or Offshore?

Season #1

Hey there! In this episode, I talk about offshoring and outsourcing. These are great options to manage operations throughout your firm, especially if you're struggling to find and retain good talent.

Outsourcing involves engaging an outsourcing outfit, normally a company based overseas, to outsource some of your work to. This is great for things like payroll or year-end accounts, where you need some extra help.

Offshoring, on the other hand, involves engaging an employee or team member who sits offshore, away from your shores. They become part of your team and work under your direct supervision and control.

I share my personal experiences of using both outsourcing and offshoring, as well as stories and experiences from others. I also discuss the difference between outsourcing and offshoring, and how to find talent directly and through an agency.

If you're struggling to find good talent, I highly recommend checking out offshoring and outsourcing options. It's becoming harder than ever to recruit in the UK and these options can be a great way to manage your operations effectively.

Listen in to learn more about my experiences and tips for making offshoring or outsourcing work for you.

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