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"Fed up of working too hard for too little money? Learn everything you need to slash your hours in half and double your profits"


Are you working too hard for too little money?

Overwhelmed with everything you need to stay on top of as an accounting firm owner?

Struggling to get the people to pay the prices you want?

Can't seem to attract the right type of clients?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

I was there too...

When I started my firm back in 2008 I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

Yes I knew how to do the accounting and tax stuff but no one taught me how to run a business

So I ended up making lots of mistakes like taking on the wrong type of clients, pricing too low to win work which meant I was working crazy hours and earning less than what I did when I was employed.

It also meant I didn't have time (or money) to invest in building systems in my firm or investing in people to help grow the business so I could concentrate on working ON the business.

Something had to change

I had a young family to support and doing nothing would have meant missing out on seeing them grow up, on giving them everything I had dreamt of.

So I decided to make an investment.

An investment in myself.

To learn from those that had gone before me. So I started to learn and absorb like crazy.

I went on a journey learning from mentors, coaches both in and outside of our industry.

And started to implement what I was learning.

Then the results came..

I started to win better clients paying higher fees.

I got my time back to start building systems for my team to follow to reduce the burden on me.

I had more money to invest in bringing in better people to service our clients.

And finally it all started to click together.

We hit c£900k in revenue with just 7 people.

And I'm able to manage the practice within 15 hours per week.

I spend the rest of my time helping accountants like you to slash your hours and double your profits.

The 4 foundational pillars of a building a successful firm

I've learned over the years that there are 4 foundational pillars you need to build in order to create a successful, profitable and impactful accounting firm

When you don't have these 4 solid foundations in place you:

  • are undercharging, leaving money on the table, not making enough profit to re-invest in people or systems
  • don't have systems in place to reduce you involvement
  • struggle to attract the right talent and motivate your team
  • struggle to attract ideal clients who value what you do and pay higher fees

When you do have these in place you will:

  • charge what you're worth and make more money to re-invest in people and better processes
  • have systems that will do the heavy lifting so you can reduce the amount of time spent firefighting
  • have a motivated, inspired team and attract quality talent to your firm
  • attract ideal clients who pay you what you're worth and are a joy to work with

If you'd like to shortcut your learnings and build these solid foundations so you have a firm that gives you the time, money and freedom you want then I invite you to join the TYP mentoring community.

Each month I deliver live online training for 90 mins where you get high level insights, practical advice and ready-to-use resources that you can implement in your firm straight away.

I share what took me 12 years to learn so you can get to your goals a lot faster.

And I give resources that have included onboarding forms, tax return questionnaires to make it easier for clients to give you information, template proposals, template emails for re-pricing clients, brochures to communicate the value of your services and much, much more.

All this for a very small monthly investment of just £195+vat /$265.

And we also have a second monthly round table session with all members (currently 70+) where you can come and ask your questions, share your experiences and learn from others in the same position as you.

Benefits of joining

Here are some of the big benefits of joining. 

Spend 90 minutes every month with me and learn how to transform the profits of your accounting firm




Join a group of dozens of other like-minded accountants and bookkeepers on the same journey

Get access to attend a members only 'Brunch n Learn' zoom session every month where you can learn from accountants like you facing similar challenges

Receive supporting resources, systems and training videos helping you implement what you learn




I will answer your questions every month, either during our online session or via the private Whatsapp group




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Exclusive bonuses for QB members!

As a fellow member of the QB community with whom I work very closely, you can take advantage of  these exclusive bonuses - only available till 5th March 2021


15% discount for LIFE - using code GP15 (expires midnight 28 Feb)



Access to ALL my online Masterclass content on Pricing, People, Processes and Positioning worth £4,475 ($5,800)


Access to my Power Positioning Course worth £2,500 ($3,350).


What guarantee do I have?

My aim is to give you value and help you shortcut your learnings so you overcome your current challenges and get to your goals a lot faster than I did.

You only stay on the programme as long as you are getting value. There is no commitment or tie-in. You can cancel at any time.

And even better, I'll take away the risk completely for you and offer you a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee - so after joining and collecting your bonuses if you feel you haven't had any value then you can email us and we'll refund you in FULL. How's that for fair?

Let's recap what you get

Monthly Mentoring

Just £195 + VAT ($265)


✅ 1 x 90 min monthly group mentoring session where we do a deep dive into a subject under the 4 pillars to build a profitable, successful and impactful accounting firm. You will learn cutting edge insights, exactly what you need to do, how you need to do it and implement it in the shortest time to get maximum results.

✅ You will receive high value resources including done for you templates and checklists so you can implement the learnings of the session straight away without having to reinvent the wheel and spend days creating your own resources. Examples include on-boarding forms, template proposals for winning high value advisory work, scripts for running initial meetings, how to price compliance services using software and many more.

✅ Access to a Private members only WhatsApp group for any questions, help needed or just a place to vent with fellow accountants in the trenches!

✅ Access to Lunch ‘n’ learn monthly sessions (60 mins) where everyone has their camera on (zoom call style) and you can ask any questions from me or your peers for any help on implementing any of the learnings together with support on wider challenges.

✅ Access to my online training video content that contains the fundamentals of how to build an extraordinary accounting firm.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions  we get asked. If you cannot find the answer to your question below you can email us on [email protected] 



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