How to price your compliance services profitably: every time!

How to price your compliance services profitably: every time!

The number 1 reason most accounting firms don't make enough money is due to poor pricing.

It's a vicious circle. When you don't make enough profit you're forced to take on more client and more work which only increases the demand on your time and resources and takes it away from providing value to your clients.

Time based billing is a crazy way to price. It has the unintended consequence of rewarding inefficiency and does not incentivise working smarter and efficiently.

In this session I deep dive into how you adopt value pricing and use it to price your compliance services so you are fairly rewarded for the work you do and value you provide.

All for just £495 + VAT

Below is list and summary of all the resources you will get access to - the recordings, the handouts, the slides, the templates and checklists that I use in my firm to get incredible results - and you can do the same.

What you get access to

Video recording

Full HD recording of the 90 min session including a private Youtube link if you prefer to watch it that way

Session slides

All the content and slides that I used in the session

Audio file

If you prefer to listen to audio files to learn on the go - perhaps in the car or train - then a full audio file of the session is available for download

Session notes

My extensive notes from the session include everything I spoke about including links to recommended resources, scripts and email templates

Authority to proceed resource

Ever been in a situation where you think you've won a client only for them to ignore your proposal and engagement and pull out? That's buyer's remorse! Use this resource that I have developed to stop it ever happening to you again!

Consultant accounting solution pricing summary

Pricing resource showing the three bundles I use to price services for Consultants / Contractors who run their own limited company

Accounting solution for property owners summary

Three tier pricing resource I use to price services for Landlords using a limited company to hold and purchase property

Cpt files for property owners and consultant pricing

If you're a user of Cloud Pricing then you can upload these cpt files straight into the software and have access to the pricing models I have created for Consultants and Property owners

100% Value Guarantee

If you don't think you have received any value from the resources you have purchased, just send us an email and we'll refund you what you have paid.


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