Mentoring Resources

Every month, I deliver a deep dive 90 minute session into an area of growing a successful accounting firm. I have made available the recordings and resources from each of these session for individual purchase below. The resources are highly valuable - and are ones that I use in my practice to get incredible results

Power Positioning Course 

This is my intense 7 months power positioning course where I teach you how to position your accounting firm in a way that you will be able to generate business while you sleep. 

This course includes 8 90 min deep dive sessions into different aspects of positioning an accounting firm, I have also included highly valuable  resources that you can easily adapt to use in your firm. 


How to price and deliver advisory services

Compliance Vs Advisory - is compliance dead?? Not at all!

In this session, I explain and set out exactly how to do advisory work (and how you are probably doing some of it already) and how you can price your services for maximum profitability. 

The resources include highly valuable brochures to communicate the value of your advisory offering and a value pyramid to get your whole team engaged in doing advisory work.


How to price your compliance services profitably: every time!

The number 1 reason most accounting firms don't make enough money is due to poor pricing. It's a vicious circle. When you don't make enough profit you're forced to take on more client and more work which only increases the demand on your time and resources and takes it away from providing value to your clients.

Time based billing is a crazy way to price. It has the unintended consequence of rewarding inefficiency and does not incentivise working smarter and efficiently.

In this session I deep dive into how you adopt value pricing and use it to price your compliance services so you are fairly rewarded for the work you do and value you provide.


How to run a discovery call & initial meeting

In this session I’ll be going through how to screen enquiries, run a discovery call and how to handle the initial meeting with a prospect. 

You will come away with:

✔️ scripts and tools on how to avoid time wasters,

✔️ a system you and your team can follow to screen all your incoming enquiries,

✔️ a system and script to get paid up to £279 for the value you give in initial meetings,

✔️ what questions to ask and how to run a discovery call and initial meeting

✔️ increase your chances of converting the ideal prospects into clients.


How to move from mainly compliance to high value advisory - a practical approach

You will no doubt have heard that you need to move to more ‘advisory’ work but perhaps not quite sure how. In this session we’ll cover:

✔️ Is compliance dead?
✔️ What exactly does ‘advisory’ mean?
✔️ The BIG opportunity for accountants
✔️ How you can practically deliver advisory
✔️ How to price advisory work
✔️ How to get your team doing advisory

I'll also go through the ready to use resources that you will get access to in order to start delivering advisory in your firm and showingnthe value of what you do in your clients/prospect meetings to help you get higher fees.


How to price any one-off project (when the software says no!)

In this session i'll be talking about How to price any one-off project (when the software says no!)

In particular we'll go through:

✔️ how to scope a project when it is not compliance work

✔️ the questions to ask to understand what value means to your client

✔️ my 9 step process of winning high value advisory work

✔️ how to communicate your price to the client

✔️ how to present the price to your client to get the best result

✔️ how to have your fees paid in full before you've even started the work

and best of all, how I won a fee of £135,121 for one piece of advisory work using this process.

I'll also be sharing with you proven proposals and templates that you can use and implement straight away to start earning higher fees for one-off projects.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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