#133 What ‘A’ Players Want - Interview With Brendan (From My Team)

Season #1

In this episode of the podcast, I'm joined by my colleague, Brendan. We're here in Dubai, setting up our Capture Accounting operations. It's been a hectic few days as we navigated the bureaucratic process to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. Once we secure our Emirates ID, we'll be all set to begin property trading and expand our services to our Capture Accounting clients.

Our time in Dubai has been well spent. Brendan, who leads our Capture Accounting brand and manages most of our client relationships, and I have been meeting with key intermediaries and clients. Meeting them in person is a rare and valuable experience. Dubai's landscape, weather, and skyscrapers have left us in awe, making this business trip quite enjoyable, especially since we're here without our kids.

In today's episode, I've decided to deviate from our usual content and bring Brendan onto the podcast. We've just wrapped up some meetings, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to ask Brendan about his journey with our team, his role, and his experiences. I believe his insights can offer valuable lessons for others in the accounting field.

Brendan shares his reasons for leaving his previous employer, focusing on workload and a lack of training and support within the team. He emphasizes the importance of client relationships, and how a client-centered focus led him to our team. Brendan also discusses how our results-based approach, which doesn't fixate on hours and timesheets, allows for greater flexibility and productivity. He appreciates the freedom to work when and where he's most productive.

We delve into the benefits of specialization, as Brendan has played a pivotal role in growing our Capture Accounting brand, focusing on serving creators and influencers. This specialization has allowed us to streamline processes and develop a deep knowledge of the industry.

Brendan also highlights the significance of trust and appreciation within a team. Trusting your colleagues and showing appreciation for their work are key factors for job satisfaction and building strong, motivated teams.

Throughout the episode, Brendan's insights provide a unique perspective on the journey of building a successful accounting practice with a client-centered approach, specialization, and a supportive team.


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