#148 My Week: Winning Clients Webinar, Investing In Myself

Season #1

In this week's episode, I dive deep into the exciting developments and insights from my busy schedule. I kick off by sharing the success of my recent webinar focused on winning new clients at higher prices without heavy reliance on marketing agencies. The positive response was overwhelming, with 15 new members joining the PAC, eager for the upcoming Power Positioning Course 2.0.

I reflect on the impressive growth of Capture Accounting, emphasizing the power of a well-structured marketing system that generates leads on autopilot. I highlight the three mini-systems: Attraction, Conversion, and Referral, detailing how each contributes to consistent, qualified inquiries and substantial client onboardings.

You'll hear about my innovative approach to content creation, leveraging AI to streamline and enhance the process. I share my excitement about integrating a custom GPT model into the program, making content generation easier and more efficient for all members.

I discuss the importance of investing in oneself, sharing my own experiences with coaching and mentoring. I stress the value of guidance and accountability in breaking through growth plateaus and achieving one's business goals.

I introduce a game-changing AI tool, Fathom AI, and its transformative impact on recording and summarizing important meetings and coaching sessions. The accuracy and convenience it offers are genuinely impressive, revolutionizing how we review and learn from each interaction.

Tune in, take notes, and get ready to transform your practice with the insights and opportunities shared in this episode. Join me as we explore the power of strategic marketing, effective coaching, and the latest AI tools in pushing your practice to new heights.


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