Advice To My Younger Self

investing in yourself reading Nov 21, 2022

What one thing would you tell your 20 year old self if you could go back in time? 

I’d tell him to READ! I didn’t pick up a business book until I was in my mid-thirties 

But when I did my mind was blown 

Like i’d uncovered a long lost treasure. I gained so much from what I was reading - insights, experiences, wisdom from someone’s life’s work at times. The ability to learn in just a few hours what had taken someone years to figure out. And then apply that business to get immediate results without having to go through trial and error.I have since made up for lost time and consumed hundreds of books in the last few years

The return on investment i’ve made from books is phenomenal and what i’ve learned from things like podcasts and YouTube etc beats what I ever learned formally in a classroom when it comes to running and building a business. Which is why my 14 year old son is getting business books strategically placed in his bedroom so he starts early