Charge higher prices than shoddy accountants

Aug 08, 2022

 Accountants: charge your worth! When you’re taking on a new client how do you come up with the price? Do you look at what they’re paying their current accountant (by taking a sneaky look at their accounts )? And then come up with a price that is there or thereabouts what they’re paying already? Or feel worried that you can’t propose the price you wanted as they’ll never pay it based on what they’re paying at the moment? 

Thing is, they’re not getting what they NEED from the incumbent. That’s why they’re talking to YOU. They’ve either been let down or don’t feel they’re getting the service they need that’s going to help them get to where they want to go. So you absolutely don’t want to be comparing yourself to what they’re paying

  • Clients want a better service
  • Clients want more

So don’t undersell yourself by pitching your fees in line with what they’re paying now

  • You ARE going to deliver to the client what they need
  • You ARE going to go over and beyond and deliver a stellar service
  • You ARE going to be proactive and unlike their last accountant

So believe in your worth and price accordingly 

Watch this video to find out more