People are motivated to take action when they are in pain

Nov 01, 2022

I missed my appointment with my Chiropractor yesterday. It was in my calendar (but for next Thursday by mistake)

Last week was a different story though

My back was in agony so I couldn’t wait for the appointment. The time and date was fixed in my head as I couldn’t wait to alleviate the pain I was suffering. I was there a half hour earlier and couldn’t wait to get in to sort out my back. A week on and the pain had thankfully subsided.

It was no longer at the forefront of my mind, preoccupying my thoughts. So I forgot

People are motivated to take action when they are in pain

When we’re not in pain we’re not looking for solutions. Clients are not randomly browsing accountants websites or looking for a new accountants in their spare time. Clients start looking for a solution when they are in PAIN

If we want to get noticed then we need to position ourselves as relievers of pain, as problem solvers.

Get better at communicating the problems you solve that alleviate your client’s pain

That way when clients are looking, they will see YOU as the solution to their problem

Watch the video below to find out more about buyer buying habits