The BIG opportunity for accountants

Dec 27, 2021

So there's a big opportunity available to us accountants at the moment.

There is a sea change happening, which if you can identify the opportunity and attract these type of inquiries, then that's going to set yourself up to really scale your firm and add great value to your clients. This opportunity is delivering the service that is lacking with a lot of small companies.

When a business gets to a certain size, let's say around half a million turnover, half a million to 2 million turnover, they need that extra financial input on a strategic level, but they cannot afford it. So what they end up doing is either engaging someone who is not skilled enough, as a bookkeeper perhaps, and try and get by, even though they need the input of an FD or an FC, which means that they don't have the level of strategic advice, the management accounts, the forecasts that an FD would bring, or they're bringing on board someone like an FD on a part-time basis that they can afford, but they then miss out on actually having the finance function up together, in order for the FD to bring value from the numbers that are being generated.

That's where the opportunity for us lies in that we can provide a bespoke, tailored, full finance function service from bookkeeper to FD and anything in between, cost-effectively to these type of clients.

We can scale up or down as the client grows, and we can really help them and give them that financial comfort, that peace of mind, that whole taking care of the finance function, which they desperately need. Is this something that you have encountered? Is this something that you are doing?

Watch the video below to find out more