3 Reasons why working with a coach or mentor is worth it

accountancy coaching goals mentoring Jul 27, 2020

I'm gonna talk about the importance of working with a coach or mentor, and the impact it can have on you personally achieving your goals and dreams.

So I've worked with several coaches and mentors, and I can honestly say that I attribute a lot of where I am today to the guidance that I have received from coaches and mentors that I have worked with. So if you're not already working with a coach and mentor, here are three reasons why you should seriously consider working with one today.

1. Shortcut your progress

The first reason is that a coach can really shortcut your progress to get you to where you want to be a lot faster than you being able to do it on your own. No doubt, you can probably get to where you want to be, but it might take you five years, seven years, nine years. Working with a coach can really shortcut that and the reason being is that they've been there and done it, they know what's worked and more importantly, they know what hasn't. They can use their experiences and mistakes they've made to ensure you don't go through those same mistakes. They can tell you exactly which avenues to pursue and which ones not to, so that's the first one: shortcut your progress, shortcut your learnings by working with a coach.

2. Give you a different perspective

The second one is that they give you a different perspective. It's lonely, being in business, or running your own accounting firm. They can give you the perspective of having been there or having run their own firm. Perhaps they're even running their own firm still, so it gives you the ability to have a sounding board, to get different perspectives, to enable you to grow a lot faster and get closer to your goals and dreams.

3. Holding you accountable

Lastly, and perhaps the most important, is that they can hold you accountable. Being held accountable is so important because we know that when we're held accountable, we take action, and when we take action, we get results.

So there you have it, three reasons why you should seriously consider working with a coach or mentor, to catapult your progress towards realising your goals and dreams.