The no 1 cause of scope creep

Do you suffer from the dreaded scope creep? 

It's inevitable in the kind of work we do.. 

So how do you limit the amount of scope creep that happens? 

Especially if you're not billing by the hour any more.. 

(Because we know that's crazy and clients don't buy time from us)


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This is something I NEVER thought I’d say

This is something I never thought that I’d say.

That right now, is an incredible time to be an accountant! 

Being an accounting firm owner in 2020 compared to 10-15 years ago is like chalk and cheese.

I know it's a bit crazy at the moment with all the furlough claims, loan applications...

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#1 tip to get your prospects to say yes

I'm gonna share with you one thing that will really boost your conversions from your sales meetings, from your prospect meetings to get your prospects to say yes to working with you.

So rewind a number of years ago now. The way I used to carry out my prospect meetings was that I would have the...

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3 Reasons why working with a coach or mentor is worth it

I'm gonna talk about the importance of working with a coach or mentor, and the impact it can have on you personally achieving your goals and dreams.

So I've worked with several coaches and mentors, and I can honestly say that I attribute a lot of where I am today to the guidance that I have...

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